Prime Time

Following on from gluing, gluing and yet more gluing I’m finally at the painting stage of my creation.  I seriously underestimated the level of skill required to create this beast and I would never be so foolish as to  be so adventurous again, especially when ‘Cosplaying’ for the first time haha!

Anyhoo here’s some snaps of my current progress and my glamorous assistant Michael (who will also hopefully be Cosplaying as a Vault 101 member at the EG Expo 2012) letting me use his shed to paint in as it’s permanently Monsoon season in the UK –



Here’s the primed ‘back piece’ too.

I used Hycote car primer to achieve this finish.  Next up I will be using Monster Colours ‘Moon-Roc Grey’ spray paint and hopefully some ‘Rub ‘N Buff’ (probably in Pewter) to get a metallic finish on the armour.  This should all be updated as the week goes on!


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