Getting Started!

So this weekend I have a craft heavy session planned which will most likely span over the course of two whole days.  I have abused the printer in work so I’m good to go with templates (although my eyes will not forgive me for the resizing debacle on Photoshop). I have also successfully acquired a sizeable amount of cardboard so rather than printing out two of everything I’m going to attempt something I can flip-reverse.  I’m not sure how well that’ll fare with the cat who’ll also be wanting to ‘help’ out with the process though haha!

What I will say in terms of resizing the templates and printing them out though is make sure the printer isn’t set to ‘scale to fit’ prior to hitting PRINT!  Luckily I managed to spot this error before felling a small forest.

Expect plenty of photos and words to follow once the cutting (and probably uttering of profanities) begins.

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One thought on “Getting Started!

  1. Ruby (the cat) will definitely ‘help’ by trying to eat your templates

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