c/o IntrovertedWife

Shepbarbie courtesy of IntrovertedWife

With Eurogamer Expo 2012 on the horizon and no costume to wear I have decided to join the masses and create a blog to document my progress in making my very own ‘Foamshep’.  As this is the first time I’ve attempted such endeavors there could be limited success so apologies in advance, I am an amateur haha!  I will however be trying to keep this blog as comprehensive as I possibly can so expect picture-heavy posts and me waffling on about how I managed to get from A to B and eventually Z *fingers crossed*

There are more tutorials and tips on the internet than a Volus can shake a stick at when it comes to creating N7 armor but for the purposes of the blog I’ll be using the following guides (and Narayas’ N7 templates) to help me “Take Back Earth” and bring the fight to the Reapers…or to London.

Volpin Props

Evil FX Bioweapons

The 405th and RPF forums also have a LOT of costume builds on them which I’ll be using for reference.  Although not specifically Mass Effect related there are a lot of knowledgeable people on there who clearly know more than me when it comes to crafting armor.  I’ll also be using Cosplay Island for some hints on sealing and painting foam.

I do have some fellow support from the some of the troops accompanying on the journey to ‘The Big Smoke’ – you can check out their Cosplay blogs here – Alice Madness Returns and Axon Borderlands Cosplay.  If you’re heading to Eurogamer Expo feel free to give me a shout…especially if your packing Serrice Ice Brandy!

I should go…


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